Friday, February 7, 2020

Implementation of EMR System Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Implementation of EMR System - Term Paper Example It can be a complete decision support system with quality management and reporting method.But this implementation process of the EMR incurs a huge investment for the firm which cannot be afforded by many small scale companies. Government plays a vital role in the investment process to help the hospitals to adapt the system. In the year 1996 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act i.e. HIPAA was passed at U.S to setup rules for the access and storing of patients information and auditing to electronic medical records. These rules set a standard for electronic records which is much more stringent than older paper work records. But there are some concerns about the different issues that arise due to the implementation process. The organization faces several challenges in the implementation process which the company needs to evaluate beforehand for a successful implementation of the EMR system. Identifying the key business areas, selecting the appropriate vendor for the so ftware development and implementing in a tactful manner are most important in the adaptation process. Rapid development in IT industry aided in the reduction of cost for setting up the information system and emerging device compatibility gives great flexibility to access the system. The information stored manually through paper work can also be accessed in a simple manner but this cannot be managed for a huge number of records. Networked EMR gives the litheness to connect the different departments and the laboratory data and prompt assistance can be received from the system in an effective way. Various other features like the e-mail and internet communication allows the specialist to take advice from remote organization or physicians. Storage of drugs and availability of the supplementary health care instruments can be tracked by the system. Lastly the report generation of different situational analysis can also be conducted through the system (Fraser,, 2005, p. 84-85). This report is mainly concerned with the issues which arise in the adaptation of EMR system by the hospital administrator and the features of the different EMR systems available from different vendors. The report also will help in the decision process for selecting the right EMR system for the given hospital. EMR implementation process Why EMR implementation? Implementing an EMR system is not an easy task for the hospitals. Identifying the best EMR and deciding the one to buy are two main questions which arise before the implementation process. Identifying the clinical, administrative and the business needs are the very first step one should consider in the process. When searching for the best system one should understand what the process is all about and what can be the implementation process i.e. proper understanding of the systems available in the market are needed to be evaluated first so that there should not be loss of capital in the investment for the system. Proper knowledge of t he systems available and the business process and comparison between the two will help the implementation process much easier. Once the product selection is done the process identification and the analysis can be done and the clinic will surely benefit from that if the right product is selected. EMR system facilitates the processes than if done manually. The analysis, calculation and recording of data about the

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